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Welcome! こんにちは! Bienvenue!

Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web where I can show off my personal collection of Macintosh computers. This entire website is designed to display properly in Netscape 3 and above, for all your retrocomputing pleasure. Hopefully you can find something useful here and if you do, please drop a line in my guestbook!

About the Author

こんにちは!私の名前はハンナです。(Despite taking three years of honors Japanese I'm nowhere near fluent, so please forgive me for not translating everything just yet!)

Hi! I'm (not) Hannah and I use Macs! Ever since elementary school I've been using Macintosh computers. Right now I own a dozen (or more!) and I like to use them to play older games, listen to music, and sometimes even browse the web through a proxy that strips out javascript and large images.

When I'm not using old macs, I'm often helping my husband renovate our beautiful 1920s arts and crafts foursquare or working as a union stagehand on major theatrical productions somewhere in the US. Some of the shows I've worked on include national productions of Rock of Ages, Cabaret, Grinch: The Musical, and RENT!

You can sometimes find me chatting on IRC at in the channel #68kmla.


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