More coming soon!


Here will be a list of all the tools I've written or modified to allow me to get my old macintosh computers on the web.


A project to build a custom version of Squid that allows Netscape 3 and up to connect to modern TLS websites by MITM-ing connections on your local network and upgrading the security. A security blanket for insecure computers.

Current status: incomplete, works with classilla and newer browsers, more research is needed on imitating a CA for Netscape 3 & 4


A web application that rewrites youtube pages to work on 68k macintosh computers, including resizing and re-encoding youtube videos with sorenson or cinepak for playback on low-power machines. Will likely use mplayer/mencoder as well as youtube-dl to do the heavy lifting. (Or ffmpeg if they ever fix their cinepak encoder.)

Current status: planning

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